18 September, 2023

Horrocks Announces New Strategic Partnership with Trilon Group  

Pleasant Grove, Utah (September 18, 2023) – Horrocks is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Trilon Group, a family of infrastructure consulting businesses across the United States. Trilon’s goal is to bring together a family of the nation’s best engineering and planning firms in transportation, water, utilities, environmental, and community infrastructure. Through this partnership, Trilon will support Horrocks by investing in their trusted brand of leadership and credibility.

Since 1968, Horrocks has established a reputation for providing exceptional engineering services which improve the quality of life for people in the communities they serve. Client-driven and quality-oriented, Horrocks is known for solving complex technical challenges. Together, Trilon and Horrocks will continue to invest in talent, technology, and targeted growth.

Horrocks is a firm that is driven by a culture of integrity, quality, unity, empowerment, and service. “As we looked for a strategic partner, alignment on a people-first culture was critical,” said Bryan Foote, President of Horrocks. “I believe we found that alignment with Trilon and its family of outstanding firms.” Trilon is committed to promoting Horrocks’ culture and values.

The Trilon family of companies is supported by Alpine Investors, a people-centered private equity firm. Together, they believe in empowering firms to continue to grow while maintaining their identity. “What we wanted to create is a functional family of firms where partners collaborate but retain the strong brand identity, culture, and entrepreneurial spirit that their clients and employees love,” said Michael Renshaw, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trilon Group.

Horrocks will be a critical part of the Trilon family, spanning many of Trilon’s core markets including transportation, water, community infrastructure, and environmental. As part of the transportation platform, Horrocks will work closely with firms such as Alta Planning + Design, DRMP, and HMB Professional Engineers.

Matheson Advisors (Natick, MA) initiated the transaction and served as M&A and Financial Advisor to Horrocks.

About Horrocks

Founded in 1968, Horrocks has been an integral part of improving infrastructure for communities in the western United States. As a full-service civil engineering firm, Horrocks provides all of the disciplines necessary to study, plan, design, and communicate about infrastructure projects — from municipal water tanks to interstate highways. Horrocks is committed to providing essential resources for communities through innovative and forward-thinking engineering services.