We believe the Trilon group provides an ideal opportunity for successful infrastructure consulting firms to play a key role in shaping the future of the next top 20 firm in our industry.

Our partnership and investment model is unique:

  • We accelerate the growth potential of our partners
  • We partner with firms that share similar culture and values
  • We operate as a family of companies to better serve clients while preserving partner identity
  • We create opportunities to monetize shareholder value and expand employee ownership

We intend to build a family of companies across Transportation, Water, Energy, Environment, and Community Infrastructure. This will also include family members in key geographic regions or nation-wide specialties.

We invest in growth.

Our growth culture is about providing opportunities for people to expand their careers faster within the Trilon group than our peers.  We support members of the Trilon group to make investments in Talent, Technology, and Targeted M&A.

We invest in growth.
  • Talent

  • Technology

  • Targeted M&A

We support partners to grow while doing no harm.

Our investment strategy is somewhat unique in that we place emphasis on leveraging the strengths of our partners in terms of their leadership structure, brand promise, and client service. This is reflected in our ‘do no harm’ philosophy.

We support partners to grow while doing no harm.
  • Culture and Values

  • Successful Business

  • Visible & Recurring Revenue

  • Market Concentration

  • Digital and Innovation

  • Growth Mindset

We want to partner with like-minded firms.

Our goal is to build a nationwide infrastructure solutions business. To get there, we are seeking partners with a strong market reputation, quality clients, exceptional talent, and a growth mindset. Some of the criteria we look for:

We want to partner with like-minded firms.
  • Staff Retention

  • Business as Usual

  • New Opportunities

  • Smart Collaboration

  • Strategic Direction

We support coordinated business transition.

Our desire is to build an enduring business. We recognize this is also a desire of the founders, leaders, and owners of our partners. Our investment model allows a more seamless transition of leadership and ownership from existing to emerging leaders across the Trilon family.

We support coordinated business transition.
  • Leadership Succession

  • Ownership Transition

  • Employee Ownership

We enjoy meeting potential new partners.

Regardless of whether you are just interested in better understanding the Trilon approach or have a desire to more formally discuss joining the Trilon group, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please reach out to:


We enjoy meeting potential new partners.