9 January, 2024

Trilon: On track to be a top 20 firm in 2024!

DENVER, CO – January 9, 2024 – As the Trilon Group (“Trilon”) celebrates its second anniversary, we reflect with pride on our achievements and look forward to a bright future. Founded in January 2022, Trilon partners with entrepreneurial infrastructure services firms looking to accelerate their growth through investment in talent, technology, and targeted M&A.

“2023 was an incredible year for Trilon. We took another huge step forward towards our goal of building the next top infrastructure services firm in North America,” said Trilon Group CEO Michael (Mick) Renshaw. “Best of all, we’re doing it with our unique, functional family of firms model, which protects the brand, culture and entrepreneurial spirit that makes each of our platform firms special.”

With its 12 partner firms combined, Trilon has an annualized revenue of greater than $820m, with over 4,100 staff across 36 States. This is equivalent to ranking #25 on Engineering News Record’s (ENR) 2023 Top 500 Design Firms.

“Not only did we add 10 firms and 2,100 people to the Trilon Family in 2023, we also laid the foundation for future growth and collaboration. Behind the scenes, 2023 was a year of alignment and integration as we put in place common systems, benefits, insurance, and reporting to drive collaboration and efficiency” Renshaw said.

Trilon has accelerated the growth of its partner firms by investing in the “three T’s” of Talent, Technology and Targeted M&A. Some key achievements include:

740+ new hires

29% growth in backlog

10 new partner firms

Common Systems (Deltek, ADP, MS365)

Common Benefits and Insurance

2024 will be a year of continued growth for Trilon focused around the “three C’s” of Collaboration, Career Acceleration, and Cost-Stewardship (Non-Labor) while we continue to partner with extraordinary firms.

“We are investing millions of dollars in talent and technology to connect our partner firms and their technical talent to deliver sustainable infrastructure solutions for our clients,” commented Renshaw. Some examples include:

Collaboration – Launching TrilonConnect suite of tech-enabled tools to drive cross-selling, resource sharing and thought leadership

Career Acceleration – Adopting ADP and launching TrilonU offerings including Mentor Hubs, Jam Sessions, Technical Practice Networks, “Grow” and “Emerge” Leadership Programs

Cost Stewardship (Non-Labor) – Capitalizing on our scale to find cost savings in areas like procurement, to get more for less.

We thank our extraordinary employees and partners for the strong level of success achieved in 2023 and look forward to accelerated career expansion and growth in 2024, Powered by Trilon.